Intentional Wisdom, the podcast?

A pilot episode, a 1-minute survey & a free gift for you

Something a little different for you this week:

  1. A podcast (from me)

  2. Some questions (for you)

  3. And a gift (from me to you)

Intentional Wisdom… the podcast?

That’s right. I am considering creating a podcast version of Intentional Wisdom. In fact, I’ve already created a pilot episode, which you can listen to below. Is this something that you’d like? If so, I’d love to know. If not, that would be just as helpful to hear.
Full disclosure: It takes a bit of effort to make the podcast version, BUT if it’s something that enough of you want, I’ll make it happen. Below are two different ways to listen to the pilot. I’d love to hear what you think!

Listen on Anchor

4 questions for you

I’ve included a short survey below to ask what you’d like me to create for future issues of Intentional Wisdom. I want to make this newsletter (and maybe podcast) as valuable for you as I possibly can. Would you do me the massive favor of answering the four questions I’ve posed in this survey? If so, you are my new best friend.
It should take about 1 minute.

Take Survey

A gift for you

Are you on the social audio app Clubhouse yet? I’m still new there and figuring it out. The app is still “invite only” but don’t worry if no one has been kind enough to invite you yet. I’ve got 9 invites to give out. If you’re one of the first 9 people to respond to this message, I’ll send you an invite. I believe I’ll need your phone number to do so. (Caveat: I’m not sure if non-US phone numbers present any additional challenges… but I’ll try!). If you want an invite but aren’t in the first nine, no problem, I’ll send you one when I get more.

That’s it for this week.

Thanks as always for reading (and listening, too).


Extra credit: I am way down cryptocurrency rabbit holes these days. If this space interests you at all, let me suggest two must-listens:

  1. The Hash Power 3-part podcast series from Patrick O’Shaughnessy—part of his Invest Like the Best podcast. While these episodes were recorded in 2017, they are still extremely relevant and are some of the best crypto primers out there—and they give you a chance to hear directly from some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in the field.

  2. The Crypto for Institutions series on Ted Seides’ Capital Allocators podcast. These episodes have just been released in the last two weeks and provide an excellent overview of the current ‘state of play’ when it comes to Bitcoin, Ethereum and generally how digital assets are being rapidly adopted by the world of finance.

See you next week!